Whether it's history, culture or science, so much of what we believe just isn't true. The internet is full of fake facts, often distributed by robots, yet the majority of us believe them to be true. We explore some common misconceptions and see how this may relate to the paranormal. 


UFO encounters are often reported by very credible figures. In 1964 police officer, and well-respected community member, Lonnie Zamora saw something astonishing. He also obtained a unique piece of evidence which as-good-as proved that others had seen the same craft. We discus this and similar cases.


May 24, 2021


Since the 13th Century there have been over 400 reported cases of people displaying Stigmata, the marks of Jesus on the cross. We cast our agnostic eye over the phenomena.  


(we do discus self harm in the episode so below is a link for anyone needing help or advice)


If you ignore this sentence, then everything will make sense. 


Is 30 East Drive haunted by a murderous monk, or are the mysterious happenings the product of science we are only beginning to understand?


May 3, 2021

Interstella Audio

If you are looking for something to listen to that's out of this world, you are in the right place. In this episode we explore some interstellar audio. Hear the sound of the Big Bang, listen to messages we've sent to alien civilisations and check out some that aliens may have sent back. There is only one word for it WOW!


April 26, 2021

Sam the Sandown Clown

In the early 70's two children had an encounter with a strange creature, who introduced itself as "hello I am all colours, Sam". Was this an odd encounter with a paranormal entity, a visitor from another world, or just the vivid imagination of two young kids. We delve into the charming story of Sam the Sandown Clown. 


The Enfield Poltergeist terrified the world 40 years ago; if you think you know what happened, think again as we discuss the original tapes collected from years of investigations.


April 12, 2021


We investigate famous curses. Whether it be the strange deaths and unfortunate events that befell those who opened Egyptian tombs, sports stars cursed by their brand partnerships, right through to rock stars cursed by the number 27. We also delve into weird paranormal events that surround some of the greatest horror movies ever made. We strongly advise you to press play and listen (we'll say no more).


There is a long tradition of putting on spooky and paranormal plays and performance in theatre, however sometimes the action off stage is far more scary. We investigate chilling encounters with real ghosts and apparitions from some of Britain's most famous theatres. Ghostly clowns, severed heads, and stage folk who believe the show must go on even when they are dead!


March 29, 2021

Paranormal Plants

Early new world explorers in the 1800s came back with tall tales about killer trees and plants, gruesome greenery that could devour humans and large animals. We investigate whether there is any evidence of paranormal plants, or are they the stuff of boasts in gentlemen's clubs. 


March 22, 2021

Ghost Ships

For this episode we have trawled the seven seas to find scary and strange tales of ghost ships. Whether it be vessels said to be crewed by phantom sailors, or ships found with the crew all dead in mysterious circumstances, right through to spooky boats that travel the globe with no one onboard. So press play you salty sea dogs!


Before Kenneth Arnold reported flying saucers, and ahead of the Foo Fighter sightings, there were strange things in our skies. In this episode we speak with Nigel Watson, author and investigator to discuss the state of the phenomenon in the early 1900s. From mystery airships and breakaway societies to war panic, there are many potential explanations for these sightings - but do any of them provide any real reason for what appear to be some of the oddest things seen in our skies?



March 8, 2021

Mysterious Radio Signals

We investigate the phenomena of strange radio signals, sometimes referred to as number stations. Radio stations that often appear and disappear, playing weird audio and seemingly coded messages. Some have been broadcasting the same odd sounds constantly for over 50 years. Listen now before we disappear. 


March 1, 2021

Eccentric Englishmen

Arguably, no one does eccentric and weird behaviour better than us Englishmen. Ben and Peter, from the new wave of English eccentrics, look back on some of the original pioneers. We have stories of bizarre bets from the 1800s, a vicar that howled at the moon dressed as a mermaid, a man who would only go for a walk with two large rocks on his head, and the fashion trend in the 18th century to have a real life hermit living in your garden. 


February 22, 2021

A.B.C. (Alien Big Cryptids)

With over 80% of the planet's species yet to be discovered, we look at real life sightings of creatures that should not exists, or are living in the wrong place or at the wrong time. We discuss alien big cats in the UK, Thunderbirds and flying humanoids in America, a wasp like creature (the size of a shoe box) chased by marines, and a mini T Rex seen walking down Main Street in a Texan town.  


Our thoughts turn to love, sex and ghosts. We look at the history and folklore of Spectrophilia. We have stories of people who claim to have had relationships with ghosts, and we find out what happened when two journalists tried to attracted ghosts for a romantic one night stand. 


February 8, 2021

Who Are The Men in Black?

Ben and Peter (code name Will and Tommy Lee) debate who the real Men in Black could be? We explore everything from Government Agents spreading disinformation, Black Eyed Kids, Alien A.I. right through to strange spirits and trickster entities. 


February 1, 2021

Japanese Spirits - Yōkai

Paranormal spirits, monsters and demons are ingrained in Japanese culture. We discuss the supernatural entities known as Yōkai. Some can be helpful, some chillingly scary and some just plain mischievous. 


Does luck really exists, or is just coincidence and math? We have stories about the luckiest, and unluckiest people in the world. We investigate where our obsession with luck and superstition comes from. And prove the cliché that we create our own luck might be true. Will you love this episode? Fingers crossed.  


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