November 30, 2020

Celebrity Hauntings

In an episode packed full of A list names, we roll out the ectoplasm stained red carpet and look into the world of celebrity hauntings. Celebrities that have been haunted by ghosts, including Lady Gaga and the The Queen. Celebrities that have come back to haunt, like Marilyn Monroe and John Lennon, and our listeners share which celeb they would like to haunt them. So put on your best designer outfit, pose for the paranormal paparazzi and join us in The Quantum Mechanics V.I.P. section.  

November 23, 2020

Parallel Universes

We look at some crazy stories, and the science behind the concept of multiple universes. We are joined by musician Stephen Irvine to talk about an unreleased Beatles album that is said to come from a parallel universe. We get our head around the Mandela Effect, and blow are minds exploring the Duel Slit Experiment. 

November 16, 2020

Interview with a Spirit Healer

"If there's something strange in your neighbourhood, who you gonna call...Sue Radwell". We've featured many stories from people who have used mediums, psychic and spirit healers to clear their house of ghosts, but we've never had someone with these abilities on the show. That changes in this episode as we ask spirit healer Sue Radwell all the questions we've been pondering. What is it like to talk with the dead? Are they dead? How does it work? How does it feel? 


November 9, 2020

Mass Hysteria

When one or two people experience a paranormal event its intriguing, but when its experienced by large groups of people it is truly baffling. In this episode we look at strange events of mass hysteria. Including people who started uncontrollably meowing like cats, bitting each other, laughing and dancing. Also the weird tale of 100s of people who caught a virus by watching TV, and much much more.


November 2, 2020


This week we are seeing double: with stories of people who have either seen their exact replica or have managed to be in two places at the same time. We are not talking about seeing someone who looks like you, but someone who is you! It has happened to Royalty, Presidents and Saints, often forecasting their death.ängerPhotos  

October 27, 2020

Halloween Special

For our brand new Halloween special we are joined by a couple of special guests. Ghost hunter and author Ruth Roper Wylde tells some scary stories from our local area, and Hero the founder of Muddy Stilettos recommends the best spooky places to visit in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. As well as sharing our own paranormal tales; we discuss everything from floating haunted stockings, ghost cyclists and the cheeky tale of a naked spectre. Join us for some Halloween fun!


It was the first investigation we did as The Quantum Mechanics. Nicky exclusively told us about the haunting and spirit possession that befell her family after moving to the idyllic village of Ilmer. We then investigated what Nicky and the mediums had told us with shocking results. Originally two episodes, we always wanted to bring it together in one place and remix the audio, so listen if you dare!

We have had a few Covid related issues getting an ep out this week (we hope to get you something in the next day or so). In the meantime, to tide you over, we have done a revisit and redux of a couple of our episodes on Black Eyed Kids. Ben and Peter 

October 12, 2020

Houdini - Paranormal P.I.

In what we plan to be an 'irregular series', we profile famous paranormal investigators, starting with the magician and illusionist Harry Houdini. We look into Houdini's obsession with debunking the paranormal, and his complex relationship with Sherlock Holmes author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 

October 5, 2020

Mechanics Assemble

Over the past few weeks we have had some amazing guests and lots of feedback from you our listeners. For this episode we take stock, take a breathe and reflect on some of our favourite episodes and listener feedback. There's something for everyone. 

We are joined by Dr. Paul H. Smith (Major U.S. Army Retired), who was a key member of the U.S. Military secret Psychic Spy Program known as 'Star Gate'. Along with sharing his experience of being a psychic spy, Paul discusses the successes and challenges of remote viewing and the use of psychic skills in the U.S. Military. 

We are joined by writer Christopher Josiffe, who's book 'Gef! The Strange Tale of an Extra Special Talking Mongoose' is the definitive account of one of the most bizarre and iconic paranormal events in history. What started as a simple project to prove Gef real or hoax, turned into a seven year obsession. Christopher realised once you let Gef into your life he burrows into your consciousness, and paws at your heart strings. You have been warned!

September 14, 2020

Worlds Scariest Theme Parks

Some Theme Parks have more going for them than the usual thrills and joyrides, some have real ghosts. Some were built on graveyards or ancient burial grounds.Some have a real ghosts on the ghost train. One has a haunted lion, and one is haunted by the man who set up the park. Come join The Quantum Mechanics in our haunted house, if you dare! 

In this episode The Quantum Mechanics are joined by best selling paranormal author Ruth Roper Wylde. Ruth gives us a sneak preview of her new book, shares some of the scariest stories she's gathered and tells us about her database of paranormal encounters. We also discuss why paranormal clichés might occur, ghost dinosaurs, oh and inter-dimensional sausages! 



To celebrate returning to our haunted studio in The Cross Keys Pub in Thame we decided to spend the night looking for Mrs Tipple the pub ghost. Some weird stuff ensued. Recording glitches, flying beer mats and when we listened back weird creaking noises every time we mentioned the relationship with the former spirit Landlady Mrs Tipple and the current Landlady Trudi. See what you think. 

In advance of returning to our haunted pub studio next week for the first time since lockdown, we discuss some of the most haunted pubs in Britain. Dirty stop outs that we are, we have visited four out of the ten! The list was compiled by The Drinks Business.

August 17, 2020

The Chester Haunting

In this Quantum Mechanics exclusive, the team at Paranormal Investigation UK share amazing detail of an ongoing case they are investigating in an office in Chester UK. What started out as odd bangs and a movie poster mysteriously moving by itself, has now escalated into strange light phenomena, unnatural animal noises and other EVPs. In recent weeks the building now seems to be intelligently communicating with investigators. Tony Hayes joins Ben and Peter to talk through the weirdest case of his career. 

In this episode we explore amazing animal stories. From the many people who say they have been visited by deceased loved ones in the form of animals, to amazing stories of animals that have risked their lives to save humans. Are these creatures possessed by some paranormal force, or do they have more intelligent compassion that we give them credit for? 

In this podcast episode we look at building that seem to be doing the haunting. Ghostly houses and structures that appear and then vanish without a trace. Including the English mansion that has been spookily appearing for 100s of years, the couple who bought their dream home and got more than they bargained for, and the women who stopped for a coffee in a London cafe only to find it had closed down 30 years earlier.  

In this BONUS EPISODE Ben and Peter reflect on their interview with Psychic Remote Viewer Daz Smith, and The Quantum Mechanics RV journey so far.  We have also added the full raw interview we did with Daz in its entirety, with an extra 30 mins of unheard content. 


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